Thursday, October 16, 2008

iTunes 8 won't install on Vista, or crashes Vista

We've found that iTunes 8 is crashing Vista, or iTunes won't install at all. The main error states: "Itunes installer completed - The installer encountered errors before iTunes could be configured..."
We've found a solution, but this may not work for everybody. Here's a really good link to help you through the steps -
Make sure you use the recommended tool to remove any traces of iTunes on your system before taking the next step which is...simply...
...don't install iTunes 8 - use version 7.5 instead, downloadable from - of course, search for iTunes 7.5.

If anyone else has any recommendations, please feel free to post here.

The Geeks Admin


marumin said...

Tried to download iytunes 7.5 as recommended... but it doesn't seem to be available anymore... any other suggestions on how to install itunes on Vista... short of changing from Vista to another operating system..????

The Geeks said...

Thanks for the post...the rules have changed now with iTunes and Vista. I'm going to post a web address back to Apple's site here that should help you.

Essentially, it's the old, "Uninstall iTunes, Update Windows, Download and install the latest version of iTunes" song and dance. But it should work, if you install iTunes as an administrator.

Here's how you do that. After you download the newest iTunes packet from Apple, right click on it and choose "Run As Administrator."

Hopefully this helps. Our blog has moved to our own website, incidentally, to

I will be reposting this blog and hopefully it will help someone else.

Anonymous said...
this where you can get olde versions of itunes

Anonymous said...

Ok. So whats going on is that it will say " Itunes could not install "Somthing" to help run it. Please contact support if this keeps happening. This is Itunes 10 on vista. anyone got any idea why its doing that?